AV Alliance

What is AV-Alliance?

AV Alliance offers you access to 78 of the most respected event technology experts in 50 countries around the world, as well as our unparalleled amount of event experience and professional expertise.

In addition to offering you the latest audio-visual event equipment, our members offer a broad range of event services such as project management, IT, creative design, live event broadcasting, event special effects and much more.

Our members employ only well-trained technicians, provide the latest equipment and solutions and complete more than 120,000 events in 107 locations and projects each year. With rising tendency.

AV Alliance has a combined warehouse space of over 350 000 square meters and a close-knit network of members in every part of the world.

This way it can considerably reduce:

  • logistical effort
  • transportation costs
  • CO2 footprint of its clients
  • complexity

…while providing outstanding event experience and technical support, as well as ensuring consistently high-quality services.