Conference Technology

Complete Solution

  • Projectors of all types
  • Control panels and touch displays
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Screens and LED walls
  • Audio technology
  • TED systems, tuning systems, voting systems
  • Microphones
  • Phone- and video-conferencing systems
  • Notebooks/laptops, tablets
  • Interpreting technology
  • Discussion facilities
  • Tour guide systems

We also offer:

  • Planning (CAD, 3D)
  • Project Management
  • IT
  • Personnel
  • Venue services
  • DryHire

Increase efficiency

Increase the efficiency of your conferences and meetings with audiovisual technology. LED screens, projectors of all kinds, and touchscreens that can be used as whiteboards are just a few examples of ways to communicate your content. We can help you develop far-reaching solutions and bring your ideas to life.

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