Complete solutions

  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Beamer and projectors of all kinds
  • Canvases
  • Audio technology
  • Lighting technology
  • Video technology
  • IT service and networks
  • Document cameras
  • Interactive tables (ActivePanel, ActiveBoard)

In addition, we can offer you:

  • Planning (CAD, 3D)
  • Project support
  • IT technology
  • Personal support
  • Venue service
  • DryHire

Communicate learning content interactively

Communicate complex learning content in an interactive, understandable and fun way. State-of-the-art media technology that motivates and can be perfectly integrated into lessons, seminars and lectures. We offer competent advice and planning, tailor-made solutions and future-oriented media technology, all from a single source.

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Media technology for schools: practical and effective teaching

In the digital age, many institutions keep pace with the times. Of course, this also applies to schools. Modern media technology finds its way into classrooms and not only complements traditional and proven methods, but also makes them more effective. Using the latest technology can greatly simplify educational processes and improve the quality of student learning.

Why media technology is useful for schools

The use of computers and media technology is no longer limited to teaching information technology. The various possibilities of the presentation method make it easier to view and understand the content of the lesson in all subjects.

You can include in your educational process:

  • Projectors and projection screens
  • Displays and interactive whiteboards
  • Visualizers and other document cameras

You no longer have to limit yourself to lettering and graphics on the board, as well as obsolete replicas, posters and models. Create a small world in your classroom and make your lessons realistic, lively and modern. Thanks to digital technologies and the internet, you have a much bigger selection of materials that make lessons more interesting and varied.

Advantages of modern media technology for schools

Modern media technology and digital technologies not only enrich the lessons, but also make it easier for you to organize and structure them accordingly. This makes it easier to present the material.

With the media technology from sld mediatec you can:

  • Conduct lively and varied lessons
  • Store content digitally and access it again
  • Save time and space
  • Provide high quality digital learning

Interactive whiteboards, for example, offer the option of digitally saving jointly recorded blackboard writings. You can access your saved data at any time and make it available to others. When you create a lesson based on what you have already learned, all the data you need is stored and managed in a flexible and time-saving way.

Replace bulky and heavy projectors with convenient visualizers. Forget about additional foil copies, foil pens and work directly with the students’ drafts and transcripts. Even 3D objects can be displayed very well for all students at the same time with these new technologies. Thanks to media technology for schools, tasks, notes and diagrams no longer have to be transferred to the blackboard, which saves valuable time in the classroom.

Technical accessories and additional devices

Use all the functions of the presentation technology from sld mediatec. You can supplement your technical systems with a suitable audio system or high-quality screens and presentation walls. For optimal transmission, we offer you a large selection of transmission cables, adapters and other accessories for signal management.

In order to be able to use your new technical devices reliably and for a long time, it is important to think about the most functional and most secure storage of the media technology. That is why we have media furniture in our range that fits into the school environment and is tailored to it. In addition to mobile and height-adjustable transport and media trolleys, we also have media cabinets and laptop storage space.

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