B&B Hotel Bayreuth and shops

Object: B&B Hotel Bayreuth and shops
Trades: Electrical installation, video surveillance, fire alarm system, lighting technology, sound technology, lightning protection, BOS building radio, safety lighting, low-voltage main supply (in the course of the electrical installation)


In 2008 the fashion house C&A moved out of the building on Richard-Wagner-Straße. The house was empty until the Kochinvest Group acquired it in September 2015. The rental of the first and the second floor was given to the B&B Hotels group, the ground floor area of ​​over 2,000 m² was divided up and rented to various shops.

A complete renovation followed, designed for the new use of the building. The hotel with approx. 90 guest rooms plus a separate apartment and the shops (Brunner Bäcker, Mäc Geiz, Netto) make the entire area attractive again for visitors and upgrade the entire shopping street.

The short construction time was particularly challenging (B&B Hotel and Netto: january 2018 to october 2018; Mäc Geiz: november 2018 to march 2019; Brunner Bäcker: september 2020 to october 2020; expansion of the unit: november 2020 to december 2020). In addition, a lot of plan adjustments were necessary during the building redesign, as the dismantling showed how imprecise the old building plan was.

Installed material (extract)

B&B Hotel

  • Radio – DENON Professional
  • Amplifier – Bose
  • Speaker – Bose
  • Video surveillance – Honeywell Performance Serie IP
  • Emergency call system – Berker
  • Lamps – IS Leuchten, LND Design, Performance iN Lighting
  • Switches, sockets – Busch Jäger

Netto (lighting and rail system)

  • Philips

Mäc Geiz (lighting)

  • Kandem

Whole object

  • Cable support system – Niedax
  • Device boxes – Kaiser
  • Fire protection – OBO
  • Motion detector – Esylux
  • Switches, sockets – Gira
  • Security lighting – Inotec Sicherheitstechnik

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