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Objekt: ExCeL London
Trades: Digital signage, media technology, electrical engineering


The ExCeL (Exhibition Thisbetween London) – The site is a 400,000 m² exhibition center in London, opened in November 2000. We recently installed digital signage areas there. In the interior, displays were previously used as digital signage areas; we have replaced these with the latest LED walls. There were rental LED walls in the entrance area, now it is a permanent installation.

The trade fair visitors now go through a portal made of LED walls. Thanks to the corner design, fascinating 3D worlds can now be displayed here. Thanks to their size, the LED walls are also clearly visible to non-trade fair visitors.

We have also installed LED walls in the interior, which now guide exhibitors and visitors flexibly across the site, depending on the situation. They also offer the opportunity to show visitors innovative advertising messages and current information (e.g. on local public transport).

Installed material

sld-Walls Indoor und Outdoor:

  • Portal at the entrance (approx. 40m², built around a corner, 3D effects can be displayed)
  • one-sided LED wall west entrance (approx. 35m²)
  • LED cube (approx. 30m²)
  • further LED surfaces indoor

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