Utrecht Trade Fair

Year: 2020
Object: Utrecht Trade Fair
Trades: Digital Signage, Media Technology, Electrical Engeneering


Digital signage at the Utrecht trade fair – to see the advantages of digital signage, you have to think about what it was like without it. Advertising banners have to be produced again and again and can only convey a single piece of information. Digital signage, on the other hand, can be used very flexibly. At the Utrecht Trade Fair, organizers and exhibitors now have the opportunity to inform visitors about everything important and they can adapt these notifications immediately. Always up-to-date information about the weather, public transport, future trade fairs, hall plans etc or use as advertising space is now possible.

Digital signage at the Utrecht trade fair – fast and flexible.

Verbautes Material

  • LED-walls Samsung
  • Sound system & output stage Bose
  • Signal transmission Crestron
  • Digital signage player Lenovo
  • Extron