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We can create indoor and outdoor stages with high load capacity and extraordinary stability. Shunting and staging activities are very different and require good planning and execution. We support you here with our full service.

Of course, all stages have TÜV certificates and the corresponding construction books.

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Rental of masts and rigging for events: what to look for

Load capacity and safety are critical factors when using a truss. Both on the stand and on the stage, the high flexibility of the design options also offers many advantages when installing partitions.

Exhibition stand, concert venue or sporting event – truss systems are suitable for a multitude of applications. It is also possible to rent suitable trusses and book the set-up for events, individually or as a complete economic package.

Modular trusses have revolutionized stage technology since their inception. Trusses are used to build platforms, grandstands and sheds of all sizes. In addition, constructions can be equipped with lamps, screens or curtains. At sld mediatec GmbH you can rent a crossbar and use the equipment for events.

Advantages of professional truss systems

Lightweight, stable and easy to combine: Thanks to their modular structure, the truss systems are ideal for the respective needs and rooms Aluminum trusses are particularly popular because they offer enormous load capacity despite their low weight. Long sections can also be extended without additional support.

Particularly effective are the presentation platforms and trusses. Circles, triangles, straight lines and squares can be implemented. Not only can you attach stylish digital prints, but also high-quality lighting technology for effective lighting of your event.

the heart of the truss system are the connecting elements. They allow quick and easy assembly of the individual modules in the desired shape. At the same time, trusses and rigging should be leased and connected from only one manufacturer. A combination of systems from different manufacturers does not meet the legal requirements and is therefore not permitted.

Rent the right trellis for your event

Our range includes a wide selection of trusses for rent, which you can combine to your liking. It is also possible to rent a complete truss. We also offer event rigging.

You can rent the following types of pylons from us:

  • 2-point modules: lightweight, take up little space, suitable for decorations, cornices, lattice ceilings
  • American 3 points: saves space, suitable for the construction of exhibition stands
  • 4-point modules: maximum stability of platforms, towers, load-bearing structures

Which truss system is suitable for your event is highly dependent on the intended use. For decorative purposes, for organizing shops or for framing LED video wallsto you for public viewing, the use of 2-point forms is recommended. The 3-point systems have proven themselves well in travel operations: thanks to their special shape, these elements can be transported with a very compact transport. 4-point trusses should be rented for stage construction and high loads. An overview of the most popular connection types:

  • End plate connection or cover plate
  • Pipe connection
  • Conical connection
  • Spade and tenon connection

With the truss circle you can create round arches with different diameters and design options. If you want to lift heavy loads, you should rent a crosshead with crane. Floor stands are frames that can be installed in any area or room.

What should be considered when renting pylons?

Before proceeding with the construction, the following points should be clarified:

  • Are all the trusses and maneuvers booked available?
  • Does the crosshead have information about its own weight and maximum payload?
  • Are there any flaws in the trusses?

We at sld mediatec GmbH guarantee the success of your event through the rental of masts and rigging!

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