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sld solutions air filter

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sld solutions air filter

Effective air purification

  • Coughing, sneezing, or even a simple conversation, through droplets and bio-aerosols, spread over 350 types of microorganisms that are present in the mouth. These float in the air for hours and create a very dangerous environment for those present in the room.
  • Our air filters with TPA® technology help to keep this risk to a minimum. They efficiently reduce 99.9% of all harmful air components.

Air filter with TPA® technology

  • The patented TPA® technology is probably the most effective solution for filtering and cleaning the air on the market. Scientific tests have shown that the novel electro-ionic field removes 99.9% of all influenza viruses, bacteria and bio-aerosols. TPA is an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution that does not require any consumables.
  • Our advanced air purification technology is now available for all places with high visitor frequency in the private, public and commercial areas, such as offices, hotels, medical practices, schools and business premises.

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