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sld solutions education

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sld solutions education

Digitization of schools, authorities, lecture rooms and much more. All in one multifunction table

A contemporary digitization of schools, educational institutions, authorities, lecture rooms, etc. is becoming more and more urgent and necessary. We were all surprised by the corona crisis completely unprepared. But it is not a solution to close all facilities for months and leave students to fend for themselves or their parents. It has been shown that there is a lot of catching up to do in digitization in many areas. We want to be a strong partner here and find individual solutions so that all kinds of lectures can take place as usual.

Digitization will revolutionize our lives in many areas and create countless opportunities.

Uncomplicated system integration of the latest digital technology into existing analog systems is possible.

The sld mediatec GmbH sees itself as a strong partner for the digitization of schools, educational institutions, authorities, lecture rooms and much more.

That is the central element digital desk. In addition to accommodating all of the hardware, specific design factors were also worked out.

All-in-one multifunction table


– The lowest possible barrier between lecturer and audience
– Stand alone without fixation
– high stress
– Furniture character
– neutral design
– Representation of technology
– includes: two monitors, PC, document camera, audio and video system
– no assembly, easy implementation
– Integration of common media players such as projectors and screens that do not have
Need touch function
– The full-fledged distance lesson with the desk does not essentially differ from normal lessons

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