Increase the efficiency of your conferences and meetings with audiovisual technology.

Touchscreens that can be used as whiteboards, LED walls or various projectors and beamers are just a few examples to convey your important content to the participants in detail. We are happy to develop far-reaching solutions to give your individual ideas room.

Complete solutions
  • Beamers and projectors of all kinds
  • Control panels and touch displays
  • Interactive whiteboards
  • Screens and LED walls
  • Audio technology
  • TED systems, voting systems
  • Microphones
  • Event technology
  • Telephone or video conference systems
  • Notebooks / laptops, tablets
  • Interpreting technology
  • Discussion systems
  • Passenger guidance systems
  • Conference tables and chairs
Additionally we can offer you:
  • Event technology
  • Electrical and security engineering
  • Project support
  • Personnel Support
  • Venue service
  • DryHire
Conference technology for presentations that convince

Wherever good event technology is paramount, sld mediatec uses its expertise and all its experience to ensure that you are understood at your event, both locally and streamed online. Whether your event is small or large, from consulting to organization to implementation – sld mediatec is at your service.

You are the center of attention: we guarantee that audio, video or translation technology is individually tailored to your event and works flawlessly. Every case is unique – the sooner you contact us, the better we can support you. Your success is our goal!

Presenting wirelessly – technologies at the highest level

Meeting rooms should be an oasis of successful communication and inspiration. The centerpiece here is a multifunctional conference room with attractive equipment that promotes a vibrant corporate culture and a culture of discussion. With a professional team, sld mediatec meets the complex requirements for equipping your conference rooms to a high standard.

With sld mediatec, you get everything from a single source:

  • Consulting
  • On-site analysis
  • Planning
  • Concept development
  • Implementation
  • Management of media and presentation technology
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Audio & video technology from Nuremberg

At the same time, our consultants develop the ideal communication and media concept, including the media required for your work environment. Your requirements profile determines whether you need a video conferencing system, a high-performance projector or mobile AV media technology.

Thanks to the potential of the digital work environment, we develop customized conference room solutions with the optimal conference technology for you.

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Rent or buy conference technology?

If you do not need to use the equipment on a long-term basis, conference equipment as well as multimedia, event and interpreting equipment can be rented from sld mediatec GmbH. Our technicians can assist you with the rental of conference equipment. The product range starts with a simple microphone and goes up to a simultaneous translation system with several dozen languages.

Regarding the event you need, sld mediatec will advise you to ensure that everything runs exactly as you intended. Discussion systems, translation systems, guidance systems, TED systems, audio and video technology as well as audio and video streaming systems can be rented from sld mediatec GmbH.

If you plan a long-term use, it is also possible to buy conference technology. You can also use support and maintenance services to ensure smooth operation of the equipment.

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