Amici Stuttgart

The Amici is THE new in-location in Stuttgart. We installed 27 displays there.


Amici is THE new in-place in Stuttgart, consisting of a restaurant with star cuisine on the ground floor and a posh club on the 1st floor. Not only the extravagant architecture, but also the interior design of the building, with its high-quality materials, designer furnishings and the latest equipment, suggest a major investment. The sld mediatec team has once again outdone itself in the remodeling of this location. The highlight of Amici Stuttgart are the 27 displays which were installed in the club of the 1st floor over two wall sides and a total length of 35m.

The screens are built into the wall under high-quality leather and offer only a partial view of the display. Thus, the guests can be offered a spectacular 3D feeling when, for example, an underwater world is illustrated all around.

Installed material
  • Digital signage displays Samsung
  • Movingheads ADJ
  • Lighting control e:cue
  • Media server sld digital systems
  • Sound system VOID
  • ArtNet
  • Madrix
  • Pioneer
  • OHM
  • Object:
    Amici Stuttgart
  • Service:
    Electrical installation, lighting technology, sound technology, video technology, disco installation, media technology, installation, DJ technology