Flair Fürth

Customer guidance system, interactive floors, digital signage and much more.


The Flair Fürth – shopping on over 22,000m². The diverse range of products from the food, fashion, gastronomy, drugstore, shoes, sports, health, consumer electronics, travel and beauty sectors makes the Urban Erlebnis Center Flair a unique marketplace with around 60 stores and restaurants in the Nuremberg metropolitan region.

Among other things, we installed the customer guidance system. Signs with the most important information serve as navigation aids for customers. In addition to this, there are also digital steles custom-made for the Flair Fürth, which make orientation very easy thanks to an interactive center map. They also show live information on the weather and public transport, current offers of the shopping center, advertising and much more.

Other digital signage surfaces include the over 11m² LED walls in the dome of Flair Fürth, 55″-65″ large Samsung displays with UHD resolution and displays at the elevators.

A special highlight are the two interactive LED floors we installed, which provide a unique visual experience. They register touches and then present real-time image effects, such as water waves under your feet. An experience for young and old!

At Flair Fürth, we also installed the sound and fragrance systems and created individual content for the various displays.

  • Object:
    Flair Fürth
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  • Service:
    Media technology, electrical installation, digital signage, scenting, signage, content creation