Sommerliebe OpenAir Nuremberg

The Sommerliebe OpenAir is one of the summer highlights of the city, equipped with our technology.

Dance with your summerlove

Once upon a time, there was a quiet
place behind the gray smokestacks of the city.
A place where time seemed to stand still.
Far from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and clanking engines.

Once a year we go on a trip
to find this place
and follow the pastel glow in the sky.

We build our own world,
a world made of summer, love and music.
It smells of new beginnings and freedom.
Nature rustles and crackles and you have to blink
when the sun shines warmly on your face.

Wafting electronic soundscapes flow through your body
and carry you away in the heartbeat of the music.
You feel happiness that thousands share with you.
You feel free, timeless and dance into the night.

The silhouette of the city blurs on the horizon.
What was yesterday no longer matters.
Not in this moment. Your moment.

Let the summer, the love and the music into your heart.
Dance with your summer love.

  • Object:
    Sommerliebe OpenAir Nuremberg
  • Service:
    Event technology, media technology