Sopra IT

Media technology for every application.


At the company Sopra IT, which takes care of software solutions for banks, we have made various installations from the canteen on the first floor, to the boardrooms on the 5th floor. The multifunctional canteen is designed for about 300 people and is also used daily for the employees. If necessary, it can also be converted from a canteen to an event room within an hour and then serves as a location for company meetings or larger parties.

  • Networking of more than 40 rooms with completely different requirements (training room, canteen, rooms had to be self-sufficient).
  • Only one technical room on the ground floor, but networking of a large building (approx. 100m long and 50m wide – approx. 15×3 rooms)
  • Easy handling for the customer had to be guaranteed and recognition from the outside, if/how the room is currently used (room occupied, clickshare running in the room,… ), because the rooms are also rented to external companies
  • Four rooms are divisible (can be converted into large and small), the loudspeaker system adjusts automatically depending on how the room is being used
  • Long transmission distances for meeting rooms (30m to and from the network room)
Installed material

Ground floor meeting and training area

  • Digital door signs Crestron
  • Displays Samsung
  • Projector Epson
  • Clickshare for presenting content
  • Control Crestron, touch control panel in the room
  • Audio solutions ecler
  • Power amplifier and audio processor ecler
  • Network technology Cisco

Ground Floor canteen

  • About 20 ceiling speakers Canton and power amplifiers and audio processor ecler
  • Digital mixer
  • Radio microphones Sennheiser
  • Media control Crestron incl. touch display for operation
  • Epson beamer for projection

1st to 4th floor

  • Various department head rooms with displays and connectivity via desk panels

5th floor (two board rooms)

  • Projector Epson
  • Display Samsung
  • Audio solution ecler and speakers Bose
  • Clickshare for content presentation
  • Media control Crestron
  • Digital door signs
  • Object:
    Sopra IT
  • Service:
    Medientechnik, Konferenztechnik