Sportpark Ronhof Thomas Sommer

The perfectly suitable loudspeaker system for a complete soccer stadium.


Sportpark Ronhof Thomas Sommer is a soccer stadium in Fürth. Here the soccer club SpVgg Greuther Fürth plays its home games. On September 11, 1910, on the territory of the then still independent municipality of Ronhof, the stadium was inaugurated with the name Sportplatz am Ronhofer Weg opposite the central cemetery. A small wooden grandstand as well as standing walls provided space for about 8000 people. SpVgg Greuther Fürth is thus one of the German soccer clubs that has been playing on its current pitch for the longest time. With a total of 8,500 seats, there are slightly more seats than standing room (8,126). The interior consists of four floors with various lounge areas, boxes and VIP areas, including culinary offerings.

sld mediatec equipped the entire stadium with loudspeakers. The most important point here was a good sound quality for music and the simultaneous suitability for general and emergency announcements. We are still supervising this project today and carry out regular tests of the system.

  • Object:
    Sportpark Ronhof Thomas Sommer
  • Service:
    Sound engineering, electrical engineering