Zerzabelshof Church

Installation of a universal sound system.


To obtain a universally usable system that improves speech intelligibility and is available for church music purposes, that was the goal in the Zerzabelshof church. In order to make this also barrier-free, one of the requirements was an induction loop according to the latest standard of DIN EN 60118-4. In addition, the equipment should fit into the existing architecture without being very conspicuous. We installed a digital system, which can also be controlled via smartphone, as well as high-quality audio components from manufacturers such as Shure, DPA and Fohhn. Furthermore, an audio recorder was installed and there is the possibility to tap the audio signal for live streams, etc.

The specific requirements were:

  • Church acoustics
  • Use by laymen
  • Integration into the existing architecture/building
Installed material
  • Fohhn (2-way line source, subwoofer, power amplifier)
  • Shure radio microphones
  • DPA neckband microphone
  • Denon media player
  • Denon audio recorder
  • Univox induction loop amplifier
  • Yamaha audio processor and control panel
  • Object:
    Zerzabelshof Church
  • Service:
    Sound engineering, electrical engineering