Hoffmann Group LogisticCity

Media technology for the largest tool logistics center in Europe.


We operated in the recently completed logistics center called “LogisticCity” in Nuremberg. There we installed displays for image films and visitor information, speakers and projectors in various areas.

On the first floor there is the entrance area, the lounge, the Garant area, the Holex area, the Technology Center and several information areas. We equipped all areas with displays. In addition, we installed touch panels that allow employees to easily operate the various displays.

Of course, modern conference rooms with up-to-date technology are also indispensable at the Hoffmann Group. Easy operation and independence from external circumstances are the most important factors here. Thanks to our media technology, consisting of displays, video bars and Barco ClickShare, nothing stands in the way of future meetings.

  • Object:
    Hoffmann Group LogisticCity
  • Area:
    approx. 100.000m²
  • Service:
    Conference technology, digital signage, sound technology