Volkstheater Munich

Moving heads for the perfect light in the upcoming theater performances.


The Volkstheater Munich was made possible and opened by the city of Munich in 1983. In addition to actors, directors and dramaturges from the Bavarian State Theater, it was above all the public that played a decisive role in the success of this founding project. A large part of the renovation costs required to refurbish and redesign the multi-purpose hall built in the mid-1950s in the Haus des Sports on Brienner Strasse was financed by public donations.

We delivered ROBE T2 Profile Movingheads to the Volkstheater Munich, which will provide the perfect light for the upcoming theater performances.

Photos: Volkstheater Munich
Photographers: Gabriela Neeb, Florian Holzherr

  • Object:
    Volkstheater Munich
  • Service:
    Light technology