Faber-Castell 250 year anniversary

Object: Frankenhalle Nuremberg & Faber-Castell castle in Stein
Trades: Light, sound and video installation, laser, stage and pyrotechnics, content creation, Wings Platinum programming, 3D renderings


A journey through the company and family history in the guise of world events, up to the now internationally known, successful company Faber-Castell in the 8th generation.

The highlight of the anniversary was a 128 meter long screen which was stretched as a gigantic U in the Frankenhalle. Then the 45-minute multivision show was presented, which immersed the guests in the history and creation of pencils, beginning in the year of foundation in 1761.

In the evening, Anton-Wolfgang, earl of Faber-Castell, invited to the castle festival in Stein. There, the almost 5,000 guests, including employees with their families and guests of honor such as the Bavarian state minister Joachim Herrmann, awaited a varied stage program with live music until late at night.

Installed material

  • Media server AV Stumpfl
  • Sound system Meyer
  • Panasonic video projection
  • LED movinglights Robe, Elation
  • Light controller MA Lighting
  • 70 x LED powerbar
  • over 500 m traverse
  • ca. 4 km
  • 7 x lasers with over 25 W power LPS laser
  • 22 x projector with a produced resolution: 22572 * 1080 pixels
  • 8 x flamejet as well as several pyro fountains and neon letters

Photos: Christian Horn

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