Faber-Castell anniversary 250 years

Year: 2011
Object: Frankenhalle Nuremberg & Faber-Castell Castle in Stein
Trades: Light, Sound and Video Installation, Laser, Stage and Pyrotechnics, Content Creation, Wings Platinum Programming, 3D Renderings


A journey through the company and family history in the mantle of world events up to the internationally known, successful company Faber-Castell in the 8th generation.

The highlight of the anniversary was a 128 meter long screen which was stretched as a gigantic U in the Frankenhalle. The 45-minute multivision was presented on it, which immersed the guest in the history and development of pencils, starting in the year of foundation 1761.

In the evening Anton-Wolfgang Graf von Faber-Castell invited to the castle festival in Stein. A varied stage programme with live music until late at night awaited the almost 5000 guests, including employees with their families and guests of honour such as the Bavarian State Minister Joachim Herrmann.

Installed material

  • 34 x LED – moving lights
  • 16 x Martin Mac 700
  • 70 x LED Powerbar
  • over 500 m cross beam
  • about 4 km cable
  • 7 x laser with over 25 W power
  • 22 x projector with a produced resolution: 22572*1080 pixels
  • 8 x Flamejet as well as several pyro fountains and illuminated lettering

Installed material

  • Media server AV Stumpfl
  • Sound system Meyer
  • Video projection Panasonic
  • LED – movinglights Robe, Elation
  • Light controller MA Lighting
  • 70 x LED Powerbar
  • over 500 m traverses
  • ca. 4 km cable
  • 7 x Laser with more than 25 W power LPS-Laser
  • 22 x Beamer with a 22572*1080 pixel resolution
  • 8 x Flamejet and several pyrofontanes neon letters

Photos: Christian Horn